Friday, January 4, 2013

Greetings from the Hofinger Conference

Friday greetings from New Orleans. My apologies for the week's hiatus from posting. Relatives were visiting, I had a bad cold, and have been on the road the past few days, and working hard here at the 31st annual Johanes Hofinger Conference. OK, let's hear it, "Oh, Jerry, you poor thing!"

At any rate, a very Happy New Year and a blessed 10th Day of Christmas to you all.

The photo uploading functionality on Blogger is not working right now; I will check back later to share some special photos with you from this conference, especially a shot I took last night during the Dameans reunion concert.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Fortress2100 said...

Maybe it's been discussed in one of your posts previously, but what are your thoughts regarding the number of options now available for Mass Settings? I especially became aware of this as I was living at my parents house in the NW suburbs and not attending my own church. Decided to take the opportunity to visit other churches. What are the chances of you visiting a church where you know the mass setting? The one church I visited was using the Gloria from St. Ann, and Dan Schutte's Alleluia, Holy, Holy etc. Another church I attended for Christmas used the revised setting of the Mass of Light. Then I return to my church for the feast of the Holy Family to hear the Mass of Joy and Peace. I'm a musician, I have been involved in the liturgy. If I am feeling this way, what do visitors feel like? What about participation? I believe it's more of a challenge now with so many settings to choose from.

Jalonda Robertson said...

Greetings to you Mr. Galipeau, as well as, the entire World Library family. I hope your visit to our city and your experience at the Hofinger Conference will be a blessed and enjoyable one. Happy New Year and God Bless.