Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Translation Thursday: Deeper Questions

"New Translation Thursday" greetings from Baltimore. I am here for a planning meeting for the Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership 2014. It is a sunny and chilly morning here on the East Coast.

There have been studies released recently, some scientific, some not so scientific about the effectiveness of the new translation of The Roman Missal, Third Edition. These studies are important as we continue our way through the implementation.

Once the dust settles, especially in light of the movements of the "new evangelization," I am hoping that we begin to ask deeper questions of clergy and laity: "What difference does your celebration of Sunday Mass actually make in your day-to-day life?" "How does the celebration of the Mass as a married couple affect your relationship?" "When you consider that Mass draws us into a deeper relationship with the Lord, who died and rose to save us from sin and bring us salvation, how does this reality have an impact on the way you treat other people--at work, at home, at school?"

I guess I am wondering if, with the focus on the "new evangelization," we as Church leaders will help the folks in the pews articulate their lived experience of the paschal mystery.

Just some Thursday morning musings from Baltimore.

Gotta Sing. Gotta Pray.

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