Friday, November 30, 2012

That's a Wrap, a Big Wrap!

Friday greetings to one and all.

I received an interesting e-mail last night.

We all have experiences that are unique to our own family life. Growing up in a large family in Massachusetts, one of these oddities was something that sat on my family's kitchen counter for as long as I can remember. My parents somehow obtained a huge roll of plastic wrap (the kind used to wrap food and cover bowls filled with leftovers). The sturdy cardboard container seemed to have an eternal roll of plastic wrap inside. Probably about fifteen years ago, the wrap finally came to an end. Somehow, they found another roll somewhere, which took its place in the kitchen. When my parents downsized a few years ago, moving into an in-law apartment at my brother's home, that roll of plastic wrap went with them. No downsizing when it comes to plastic wrap for my Mom and Dad!

Well, I hope my mother doesn't mind me sharing this with you, but the e-mail arrived last night:

Just thought you would all like to know that the large box of Saran Wrap that we have been using for the last 10/12 or more?  years has finally wrapped its last piece of chicken, and covered its last bowl of leftovers.   We have bought a regular size box that fits in the drawer.  If we bought another big box, (and we did consider it)  we would have had to change the will to include the saran wrap in the estate.  And so, the Galipeau family bids adieu to the BIG BOX!  Let us all bow our heads and observe a second of silence for our Big box of Saran Wrap, and give thanks for the extra space its demise gives me in my pantry cabinet!

I am still smiling.

Isn't family life grand?

I hope your weekend is a good one and that the dawn of Advent brings you peace and hope as we once again prepare the way for the Lord.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


John Joseph said...

Thanks for the post. My mom did the same in her kitchen. Your post brought a smile to my face.

Maureen Grisanti Larison said...

Families are amazing, aren't they?! My parents had the same big boxes, although they went through them a bit faster. What a delightful memory!

Janet Parello said...

This is a memory we will never forget. Love that you added it to your Blog, Jerry.