Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gifts for the Music Director

WLP has recently published several small collections of instrumental music. I would like to highlight some of these collections today.

The first is a collection called Psalms Without Words, Volume Two, composed by WLP composer Ed Eicker. One of Ed's pieces with WLP is his arrangement of the popular Christmas piece, Still, Still, Still. Take a listen.

Psalms Without Words, Volume Two highlights Ed's brilliant improvisational skills. I sat down and played through them again this morning. This is a perfect collection for today's liturgical pianist. It's also wonderful for intermediate piano students. Occasionally, we hear from piano teachers who are looking for pieces that their students can play at a Catholic school Mass or at Sunday Mass in the parish. With some practice, these pieces will really shine.

This is the second volume in the Psalms Without Words series. The first in the series is a collection by WLP's own Alan Hommerding, written for piano and flute. WLP's web site describes this collection: "Volume 1 of a new series of instrumental pieces created by some of your favorite liturgical composers expressing their musical interpretations of the psalms. This first volume is a set of two brilliant offerings by Alan Hommerding inspired by Psalms 23:6 “…I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever…” and Psalm 122:1 “I rejoiced when I heard them say…” Psalm 23 is an uplifting reverie reminiscent of French Impressionism and Psalm 122 is a delightful rondo. These pieces are perfect for preludes, postludes, offertory, even performance events. Start your collection of this exciting new series with this charming piano and flute set."

I am often asked this question: "What is an appropriate appreciation gift at Christmas for my parish's music director?" These two volumes would be appreciated by any music director. Alan's would be perfect for a flutist as well.

Also worth considering is a new collection of pieces for C instrument and keyboard: Noel, by Cesar Franck and arranged by WLP composer William Tortolano.

On WLP's Facebook page (please click on our page and like us; help put us over the 2000 "likes" milestone!), the editor of this piece, Keith Kalemba, has this to say about Noel:

"These seven instrumental pieces, originally written by composer and organist CĂ©sar Franck for the harmonium, have been newly arranged for C instrument and keyboard by William Tortolano. Dr. Tortolano has arranged these pieces with organ and violin in mind, however they are wonderful for piano and flute as well. Derived from Franck's L'Organiste, these inspirational pieces are perfect for the Christmas season, but can be used anytime for the Preparation of Gifts, preludes and postludes."

Well, folks, there's your commercial from your favorite music publisher today!

Thanks for considering our fine resources for musical liturgy.

Gotta Sing. Gotta pray.

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