Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Translation Tuesday: The Beauty and Simplicity of the Chanted Texts

"New Translation Tuesday" greetings from a very windy "Windy City." My thoughts and prayers to all in the eastern third of our country who are experiencing the effects of Sandy.

Last weekend, I was privileged to be at three Masses at Saint John Nepomuk parish in Yukon, Oklahoma. Their music director, Robert Noble, is one of WLP's newest composers. Take a listen to one of his pieces. Robert has ministered in this parish for over a decade. The people sing with conviction and are capably led by the music ministers. Their pastor, who attended seminary at Saint Meinrad in Indiana, was well schooled there in chant. He chanted the Collect, Prayer over the Gifts, and Post-Communion Prayer, as well as the preface dialogue and preface at each of the three Masses. He is a gifted singer. I found myself drawn into the prayers. He sang with confidence and simplicity, really lending beauty to these prayers.

Made me think that perhaps dioceses need to do a bit more with their priests now that we have begun to settle into the new translation. I know that the chant sessions I led with clergy in the run-up to the new translation went well, but these guys were still trying to wrap their brains around the new texts themselves, and, for many, the chanting of them was not on their radar. Just wondering if any of you have heard of dioceses beginning these kinds of workshops for priests in this post-implementation moment.

I am presenting a webinar today sponsored by the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, focused on the apprenticeship model of formation; over a hundred are registered. Should be a great time!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Robert Noble said...

Thank you, Jerry, for your kind words about the parish and our pastor (and for the plug!). We are still receiving very positive comments about our parish mission last week. You had a deep and profound impact on those who attended. Thank you.

Mary Kane Mauer said...

By the grace of God, I was able to attend Mass in the plaza of St. Peter in Rome on Thursday, Oct. 11 for the 50th anniv. of Vat II. The liturgy was chanted; the schola was well-prepared; the people of God (laity, religious, ordained, hierarchy) knew exactly what to do and why we were there and we did it faithfully and communally in spite of every possible
distraction you can imagine! The love of God overcomes our weakness.