Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Translation Thursday: Prayers from the Missal or a Binder?

"New Translation Thursday" greetings from a very busy publishing house. The "Heads of Households" of the publishing houses of the Association of Catholic Publishers, as well as representatives from the publishing houses' editorial departments will be meeting here at our home offices today and tomorrow. Should be an informative and lively meeting.

I have a question for you. This past Sunday, while attending Mass at Saint Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, I noticed that the Collect and the Prayer after Communion had been placed in a binder and that binder was opened before the celebrant, who prayed the texts from the binder, rather than from the Missal itself. Have you noticed this as a common practice?

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Steve Raml said...

I know of a parish doing this, because it is easier on both the Presider and the Server holding it.

But I tested our Missal when it arrived last year with one of the smallest of our Servers. I had her hold it open, and then kept her in conversation, asking questions about how heavy it felt, could she hold it for a short time, did it feel uncomfortable, etc. I was really just making her hold it longer to see what her arms would do. When she didn't falter after a couple minutes, I decided we didn't need a binder, but could use the Missal.

Austin Fleming said...

In general, I use the Missal. For some occasions when the liturgy is more complex (e.g., Holy Week), I prepare a binder. I also prepare a binder for weddings to insure that I have the couple's names in front of me when I need them.

Because the weight and dimensions of the new book make its use awkward for some of our servers, I use a "chapel" edition at the chair.

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Paul Stark e-mailed me this response:
Yes, this has been the practice at my parish since the implementation of the new missal translation. My parish is Sacred Heart located on Fleming Island, FL in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida. The binder appears to be professionally done and the color and design on it goes along with the colors of the liturgical season. I haven’t found it distracting and appears to solve the problem of some of our younger altar servers attempting to hold up the rather large and heavy missal used in our parish—Paul Stark

Anonymous said...

My parish uses a binder for the prayers from the "chair". Some of our servers had difficulty holding the missal due to the weight.We use a liturgical binder and change the color as necessary.