Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Translation Thursday: Golf and a Succint Definition

Can it already be Thursday? This has certainly been a busy week for me. My brother and sister-in-law are visiting from Massachusetts. They are avid golf fans and they had tickets to yesterday's practice rounds of the Ryder Cup in nearby Medinah, Illinois, which is really like the Superbowl of Golf, with the United States pitted against Europe. Well, I tagged along. I have never had much interest in golf. As a matter of fact, yesterday marked the first time I had ever stepped foot on a golf course. Well, folks, it was pretty exciting. Seeing Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, and the other players from the United States, as well as Sergio Garcia from the European team (whom my brother tells me is the number one player in the world right now) was really cool. I found the whole experience kind of peaceful. The course was beautiful; lots of woods, and the day was clear and comfortable. Here are a few shots I took:

Recognize anyone in this photo?

At any rate, it was an enjoyable day.

I just read that the pope's Wednesday audience yesterday was focused on the liturgy. He said, “the word ‘liturgy’ means the participation of the People of God in the work of God.” For years, I have been struggling with how best to define the term "liturgy." We have thrown around terms like "Liturgy is the work of the people." Or, "Liturgy is not the work of the people; it is primarily the work of God." I think the pope's phrasing yesterday was quite succint and helpful. Think about it a bit more deeply: "the word 'liturgy' means the participation of the People of God in the work of God." It does raise the bar, doesn't it? At the liturgy, we participate in the work of God; no small matter, for sure. What does that mean to you?

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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