Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WLP's New Ceremonial Binder Series

Wednesday greetings.

Those who follow this blog regularly know that every now and again I do a little WLP "commercial."

Today I want to share a new line of WLP ceremonial binders with you. Our first line is very popular for use in the liturgy throughout the United States and Canada. Available in a variety of colors, they are durable and beautiful:

We have been talking about a new line for quite some time. We have heard from customers who were looking for a simpler design. Series two is available in four colors: green, ivory, violet, and red. Here you go:

If you are looking for a noble binder to hold parish announcements, prayers of the faithful, or notes for homilies, look no further than WLP. For parish choirs who use binders to hold three-hole punched music, these are quite beautiful. Imagine your parish choir holding these binders at Sunday Mass.

Thanks for listening to my Wednesday commercial!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Linda Reid said...

They are lovely, Jerry! I bid on them at the NPM auction but I got outbid. I guess I will have to buy them. 😏

Charles Culbreth said...

Dr. Jerry,
I was actually intrigued enough to pass the post onto my pastor. He thought the binders were also quite attractive and dignified.
But a set of four 3 three ring binders @$75.00 per?
I don't know what's going in Chicagoland besides an out of control gun violence increase and a ludicrous political fabrication over a chicken joint, but is WLP aware that parishes all over the country are eeking out their financial solvency, or if they're both prudent and providential, breaking even?
I know that per item markup isn't likely in your provenance, but a lot of us have "done" retail and more of us can balance a checkbook and read a P&L statement fairly competently. But does it occur to your marketing department that there aren't likely to be eras anymore where the RCC is rife with big pockets? And that may be a significant disconnect with we proletariat out here, a a source of general animus at worst, doubt at best, as to whether the LitMus Industrial Complex has "our" best interests at heart. Nothing personal, seriously.

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Hello Charles, thanks again for following the blog. 75.00 is the price for all four (the entire set)of the new series, saving you over purchasing them individually. This is a great value, even here in Chicago!