Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Delights of Richmond

Very late Friday greetings from Richmond. Very busy day here with wonderful people from the Richmond Diocese. We spent the day focused on principles of Christian initiation and the implications of the RCIA as adapted for children of catechetical age. Probably the most challenging part of initiation ministry.

Anyway, as promised, some more photos of the beautiful grounds here at the Roslyn Episcopal Retreat and Conference Center, with a focus on the new "Bishop's Chapel." During the celebration of one of our rites today, an Osprey flew by the huge windows, with a freshly caught fish in its beak from the nearby James River (all this during the Gospel acclamation!). Here is a view of this serenely pastoral setting:

And some exterior and interior shots of the "Bishop's Chapel."

Couldn't quite get the internet connection here to respond late last night (Friday), so here it is Saturday morning at about 6:30. Final day of the RCIA workshop here. Lots of work still to be done today. The people here in Richmond have been such a delight; so willing to learn and to challenge the presenters with their pastoral questions.

I return to Chicago later this evening. Tomorrow my parish celebrates its patronal feast day: Saint James Day. Hope to share that experience with you on Monday. I hope that your weekend is a good one.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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