Monday, August 6, 2012

Home at Last

Monday greetings from Chicago. Well, I never did make it home for Saint James Day yesterday; bummer!

The flight from Richmond to Chicago took off on time yesterday morning, but soon after departing, I noticed some severe problems with the cabin pressurization. We were all sitting there stretching our jaws and yawning in an attempt to "pop" our ears. I looked out the plane's window and noticed that we weren't climbing. Soon thereafter the captain told us that were were immediately returning to Richmond because of cabin pressure problems. When we landed, I overheard the captain tell the maintenance personnel that at about three thousand feet, they "lost everything" with respect to their electronic read-outs. Yikes! I told the flight attendant that it might be a good idea to tell these folks to have conversations like that out of the earshot of passengers.

Three hours later, and with a new "30,000 dollar part installed," we were on our way again. No ear-popping this time. And flying over Lake Michigan, I caught the most spectacular view of my home town of Chicago from the air; just wonderful. Wondering if it was so spectacular because of the angle of the view or because of the fact that I was alive and coming home?!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


catholic traveller said...

What an adventure! Glad you made it home safe;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jerry! I knew something was up when you weren't at mass. It went beautifully, and the musicians were, well, excellent. The choir sang at their best, and we were even joined by Anna Belle on flute. I always hate those situations about plane uncertainty, but at least you weren't sweating through mass like us...Dan