Saturday, June 9, 2012

Steve Fiskum's Fine Work: Engraving the Chants of The Roman Missal

Rare Saturday greetings. Sitting out on the balcony in Chicago's West Loop. Enjoying the morning breeze and a good cup of Tim Horton's coffee, thanks to my friends in Saskatoon! Best coffee in North America.

WLP's senior music engraver, Steve Fiskum, was recently interviewed by the folks at Finale (premier music engraving software). I wanted to share that interview with you some months ago, but somehow it slipped by.

I am certain that one of the major reasons why WLP's edition of the Roman Missal won a first place award by the Association of Catholic Publishers is because of the fact that we re-engraved every single bit of the chant in the Missal. No small feat. But when I made the decision, I knew that our expert engravers, led by Steve Fiskum, would more than rise to the occasion.

At any rate, here is the post. Enjoy. And enjoy your weekend.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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