Monday, June 25, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Monday greetings to all.

I received a large package in the mail this morning. It contains a significant number of photos of my ancestors. While my mother was preparing to send these to me, she ran across the greeting cards she received when I was born in 1958. I had never seen these. What a wonderful little Monday surprise. Thanks, Ma!

Here is the collection:

And the one I particularly liked:

These vintage cards are so amazing. Some people actually signed the cards, not below the message, but on the inside blank area on the ones that are folded in fourths:

Actually there are three signed in this fashion. Anyone have any ideas why?

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Siobhan said...

I remember my mom had a lot of letters from her college and single days from friends who wrote their letters "inside of the folds," but only after they had written on the right hand side of the inside (page 1) and the left hand side (page 2). I think they wrote on the whole unfolded sheet, but I don't really remember. I don't know if that explains why your parents' friends signed inside the folds instead of on the right hand side as is customary now. Huh. Funny.

Anonymous said...

I believe the translation would be:

Grandfather and Grandmother