Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saskatoon's New Cathedral of the Holy Family

Wednesday greetings from Chicago, where it is sunny, cool, and very dry.

Thanks so much to my friend Catherine, who helped us all with yesterday's comment regarding posture as related in the Canadian GIRM.

Speaking of Canada, I was so looking forward to seeing the brand new cathedral in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan over the weekend. It was dedicated on Sunday, May 13. There was a funeral of my good friend, Msgr. Michael Koch (who was a founder of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, as well as a pioneer and prophet with regard to the implementation of the RCIA in Western Canada), scheduled early that first week at the cathedral. Unfortunately, one of the stained glass panels came crashing to the cathedral floor the day after the dedication and the cathedral has been closed since. Monsignor Mike's funeral had to be relocated to Holy Spirit Church in Saskatoon.

At any rate, I had waited for years to see this new cathedral, mostly because of my love for the people of the Diocese of Saskatoon. Unfortunately, I had to settle for the view from the parking lot. Here is one photo I took, at around dusk:

Saskatchewan's motto is "Land of Living Skies," certainly evidenced in this photo. Saskatoon is set in the midst of the great Canadian prairie and is a gem of a place. The stained glass windows reflect the skies of the prairie. I was privileged to receive a book, written by Saskatoon's Bishop Donald Bolen and the artist/designer of the windows, Sarah Hall. The bishop was kind enough to sign the book for me:

The book is splendid; I need to spend much more time with it.

Here is another shot of the exterior. If you look closely enough, you can see the plywood in five places on the tower (just above the street light), where apparently exists the trouble with the glass panels. The crane was in place to assist with the repairs.

So, I will have to delay a tour of the interior to a future time.

If you are ever in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, be sure to visit Canada's newest cathedral.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Diana Macalintal said...

Last year when I was there, Fr. Michael showed me the Cathedral, still under construction, from across the highway. He told me that some of the windows also included solar panels or something like that. Even from the distance, it was spectacular, and Fr. Michael was pretty amazing himself at that time. His body was just beginning to shut down, but he kept going and going, all out of love for the catechumenate and the ministers of Western Canada. Thanks for bringing back this memory of him for me.

Anonymous said...

Jerry what a wonderful comment on our Cathedral. I know you will return to see the inside which is every bit as grand as the outside. We were so privileged to have you in Saskatoon with us for the Western Canadian Catchumenate Conference. I am sure we made Fr. Mike happy.
Sr. Dianne Sehn, Saskatoon Canada