Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From Istria to Rab

Wednesday greetings from the Island of Rab, in Croatia in the Adriatic. Amazing experience here thus far. My friends know how much of a "Mario Cart" fan I am, having received a "Wi" for Christmas. Well, today, "Baby Mario" had a blast driving the twisting and winding coastal road along the Adriatic from the Istrian Peninsula to the Ferry landing that took the car over to Rab.

But I want to tell you about yesterday, first.

Traveled in the morning to Pula, which was a Roman settlement on the very south point of Istria in the early centuries of the first millennium. You may think this is the colloseum in Rome, but think again:


This stadium seated 22,000, roughly the same as the United Center in Chicago, but what went on here was much more brutal than hockey. Still, a shockingly beautiful place.

From Pula, the journey then continued to the coastal city of Rovinj. This was the most beautiful city I have ever seen. When I turned the corner and saw this city rising from the Adriatic, I paused and before I knew it I was wiping the tears from my eyes.

A few more photos, and then a strange one, looking up inside the Saint Euphemia church tower, which I climbed; the results of which you can see following the odd photo.

Here is a photo of the restored baptismal font in the church; was told how surprised the Dutch restorer was when he discovered the original colors, but not surprised given the Baroque interior:

And then the day ended in Montovun, a hill town more toward the center of the Istrian peninsula, where I took another font photo. Notice the octagonal base. Folks, I am thinking perhaps of organizing a pilgrimage of northern Italian baptism fonts and spaces (think Milan where Ambrose baptized Augustine, the ancient fonts of Grado and Aquileia, and then a trek through Croatia; any takers? Seriously, feeling totally blessed by God in this whole trip.)


  And finally, just a photo that sums up the eating experience here on a coast that sees some of the greatest fishing in the world; at this restaurant actually watched a fisherman, with rod and reel in hand, carry a little plastic tub with a fish in it into the kitchen. Perhaps that poor fish's remains are pictured here:

This blogger feels a million miles away, yet very close to all of you.

And with a sip of Croatian wine, in a toast to all of you . . .

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Joe said...

Katie and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in 2013.... we might be willing to take you up on a guided tour of Northern Italy!

Anonymous said...

Whe will the trip be activated?