Monday, May 14, 2012

Fonts, Saint Matthias Day, a Special Day for Me

Monday greetings from Konstanz, Germany, here on the Bodensee, "Lake Constance." Yesterday was mostly a travel day, but did manage to take some photos the day before at some beautiful Catholic churches. And because I am a baptismal font geek, thought I would share some photos with you.

First is the cathedral in Šibenik, Croatia, the Cathedral of Saint James. I found that many of the Church doors here in Croatia have statues of Adam and Eve (post-Fall) at the doors. Here you go:

In this church, there was a baptistery located to the right of the main altar and at a floor level below the nave; it had a separate entrance from the outside, indicating that perhaps the one to be baptized was either carried in the side door (infants), or walked in (adults); or maybe the door had no significance! Here is the font:

I placed my camera in the bowl of the font, set the timer, and had the camera take the photo of the ceiling of the baptistery:

An image of God the Father is central, surrounded by angels.

Next was a visit to the last city in which I stayed in Croatia, Trogir (close to the Split airport for an early morning getaway!) There was a rather festive wedding occurring in the town:

Visited Saint Lawrence Cathedral in Trogir, where the baptistery is right off of the plaza in front of the church. Some photos, first approaching the baptistery from the plaza; note the image above the baptistery door:

It is a depiction of the baptism of Jesus:

Here's the font, which happened to be opened; it is supported be cherubs:

And here is the view from the baptistery toward the church doors:

And the crypt of Saint Lawrence in the interior:

Today is my birthday, which I spent first on the Island of Reichenau, an island where a very early Benedictine community and monastery were established. An amazing history here. Saint Meinrad spent time here. I will post more photos from this beautiful Island tomorrow.

I wanted to do something unusual for my birthday, so I decided to spend some of today in perhaps the most obscure country in Europe. Do you remember it from your geography classes? It's tiny and has always been neutral in the various world wars. Here you go.

Happy Saint Matthias Day. God has been so good to me; I truly feel blessed this day.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Dawn said...

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday, Jerry! Your WLP colleagues miss you and hope you are having a great trip.

Maureen Grisanti Larison said...

Happy Birthday, Jerry! Many joys and blessings to you. What a great way to celebrate; it looks like you have had most interesting travels. Those baptistries are incredible!

Thesy said...

Happy Birthday, Jerry.
Today, also is my son's birthday.
Enjoy your holiday!