Monday, April 2, 2012

Reflection on Palm Sunday Celebration

Monday greetings, and a blessed Holy Week to all.

Yesterday's experience of Palm Sunday Mass at Sweetest Heart of Mary parish in Detroit was very impressive. One of Detroit's auxiliary bishops, Bishop Francis Reiss, was the celebrant. His homily was brilliant. You have to remember that for the past three years, my chief experience at Sunday liturgy has been in an old Catholic school auditorium (our parish church was shuttered three years ago because of questions about its structural integrity).

So, here is a photo of the men lining up, carrying the "Polish Palms," as these tall poles (pardon the pun) were held aloft:

And here is the procession as it begins, following the blessing of palms. We walked all the way around the church, singing To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King.

And then we entered the church:

And here is a close-up of the sanctuary, with all statuary covered in purple draping:

This parish attracts people (mostly of Polish descent) chiefly from the suburbs of Detroit, since there is very little housing that remains in the area. The church is spotless and meticulously maintained. The retreat went well and my hope is that those who attended will have an enriched experience of the Triduum.

I will have much more to say tomorrow regarding the new translation and the words that were being said from those seated around me at Mass yesterday!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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