Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday Greetings

Easter Sunday afternoon here in Chicago. The day could not be more beautiful. A Pork Crown Roast is in the oven, to be shared later today with friends for an Easter celebration.

I have to say that these past few days have been personally very moving for me. This was one celebration of the Triduum that I really needed. Spent most of yesterday at the parish hall, doing all the little things to prepare for the Easter Vigil. Decided that a crisply ironed cloth on the credence table might speak more of our respect for the liturgy than that one Easter Lily that seemed missing!

I was greatly disappointed in the new translation of the prayers following the readings at the Vigil; more on that on Tuesday. But I really loved the Intercessions on Good Friday. I thought the style of English was simple and straightforward; really helped me pray.

Just wanted to share a few photos from last night. We had no baptisms, so I felt a certain deprivation at the Vigil. But it was certainly a powerful celebration. I was privileged to sing Tony Alonso's new setting of the Exsultet. It was great to sing about the bees and I felt his setting proclaimed this text in a way that really kept the assembly attuned to the text and absorbed.

Here's our fire. Did you know that the new translation says that the Easter fire should be "blazing"?

I was the "coordinator" for the Vigil and helped prepare our environment. Because we are in an old Catholic school auditorium (our church building was closed three years ago because of structural questions; twelve million dollars is the cost to return to our beloved church!), we do our best to make it a holy place. Here are some photos of the "stage."

I hope that your Triduum helped you grow closer to the risen Lord.


Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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