Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Wednesday greetings from Chicago. I arrived at about 12:45 this morning from San Francisco. I was kind of in a grumbling mood during the flight because of all my flight delays and mistakes made by the airline. But there was a little surprise for me in it all.

About half-way across the United States, the pilot came on the p.a. system and said that nature was providing quite a show for those on the left side of the airplane. I looked out the window (I was on the left side) and, lo and behold, there was the aurora borealis streaking across the night asky and just sparkling before us. It was just beautiful. Looked something like this, although it was more uniform across the sky; and it went on for miles and miles:

So, during a day when everything went wrong, I was privileged to be able to see something I have never seen before. I am certainly not one of those, "Oh, look at that, the Blessed Mother provided that parking space for me right near the door!" kind of people. But, my experience last night did remind me once again that even when things look bleak, there is usually something right outside the window to help put it all into perspective; just need a reminder to look out the window!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Diana Macalintal said...

Beautiful, Jerry! Glad you got a reminder on such a frustrating day. I half-jokingly say that God loves me when I find an open parking spot in my condo's shared-lot after a long night of workshops and rehearsals.