Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Translation Thursday: On the Cusp of Our First Holy Week

"New Translation Thursday" greetings from sunny Chicago.

We are obviously on the cusp of our first Holy Week with the new translation in place.

I will be spending Palm Sunday at Sweetest Heart of Mary Parish in Detroit, Michigan, where I will be leading a retreat in the afternoon. Some photos of the church:

Should be an interesting day at this parish. I will be paying especially close attention to the newly translated prayers for Palm Sunday.

As the "week of weeks" approaches, I am feeling like this year's Lenten Season has been occurring largely without my own personal engagement. My travels have had me in airports and on airplanes on most Sundays, which means that I have missed Sunday Mass on more than one occasion. I've been praying the rosary much more often when flying, especially on Sundays when attending Mass has just not been possible. I am hoping that my own engagement in Holy Week helps me re-connect. At moments like this, I rely on the faith of my own parish and my Catholic friends to strengthen me in my own weaknesses. I hope that this coming week provides many moments of God's grace for you, your family, and your parish.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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