Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Final Day of Religious Education Congress

Sunday morning greetings from Anaheim California.

It is the final day of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. Here is the logo for this year's conference:

My apologies for not having posted the last few days. With over twenty-four thousand people here, time seems to slip away each day. WLP's talented artists and composers not only present workshops here at Congress; they also minister at the various Masses that are celebrated here over the three day event. In an effort to support their ministry, I try to see them as they minister. On Friday evening, I made my way through the convention center and two area hotels and was present at four of the Masses being celebrated simultaneously. It can be a bit overwhelming. For first-timers to Congress, just seeing this many exuberant Catholics in one place is awe-inspiring. I spoke with one priest from the Midwest who told me that he comes to Congress to experience a hope that he finds lacking in his own diocese.

Well, the final day is about to begin and I will be giving my final workshop this afternoon. The first, "RCIA: BAck to the Basics," saw around three hundred people in attendance. There was lots of energy in the room from "newbies" to RCIA ministry, as well from more seasoned ministers.

I will be spending a few days in the California desert, in Indian Wells, after we dismantle our WLP exhibit this afternoon.

I hope that your Fifth Sunday of Lent is filled with grace.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Fr. Gene Vavrick said...

Enjoy some "rest days" in California before you return home to Chicago. Hope these days are blessed for you.