Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Offer It Up!"

Wednesday greetings to you all.

Well, spent most of the day yesterday fielding calls from doctor's offices, in an attempt to see an orthopedic specialist for my fractured ankle. I am not one who is usually injured or ill, so being involved in our health care system has certainly been an eye-opener for me. "I can't possibly make it to an appointment on Thursday." (6:45 A.M.) "Our only appointment is Thursday" (11:45 A.M.) "But I thought I had said I cannot make a Thursday appointment." "Oh, I'll call you back." "We do have two doctors that can see you on Thursday." (2:30 P.M.) "Don't you remember I said that Thursday was impossible for me?" "Thanks for your patience all day; I do have one doctor that can see you on Thursday." "I'm not sure that I have made it clear enough that I am not available on Thursday at all." "Oh, then I guess we will need to schedule you for Monday." "Don't you have anything Wednesday or Friday?" "No, they are all in surgery on those days." "Hello, Mister Galipeau, this is Doctor X's office, let me check with the doctor and I will call you back." (6:45 P.M.). Waited to no avail.

So, I cannot even imagine what it must be like for people with very serious illness. I was well schooled by my mother growing up in a large Catholic family. Her words rang true yesterday as they have for most of my life: "Jerry, offer it up!"

So, it's off to primary care doctor today to have the cast checked out and then we will see where it goes from there.

I have a keynote presentation at the Hoffinger Conference at the end of next week in New Orleans, a week-long retreat for Catholic Army Chaplains the following week, then a retreat for NPM musicians on Long Island the following weekend, then two talks and a workshop at the Southwest Liturgical Conference the following week. If you are in one of our country's airports and spy this blogger being carted around in a wheelchair, please stop, wave, and say, "Jerry, offer it up!"

Thanks for listening to my ramblings this morning; sounds a little like those "Merry Medical Christmas" letters we get each year.

New appreciation gained for those who are chronically ill.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Paul of the Desert said...

And this is the Medical care system that Leader Cantor wants to cut some more. the Medical system in this country needs all the help it can get. Offer it up is wonderful but when do the millionaires and their friends offer anything up your mother is partially and spiritually correct However......