Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Translation Tuesday: Fracture and Tempo

"New Translation Tuesday" greetings to you all. And Happy New Year.

2012 began with a bang, of sorts, for this blogger. On Sunday evening, January 1, I was walking through my home and twisted my ankle after having missed a step; didn't think it was too serious until I woke up yesterday. Spent most of the day at the hospital and, after having x-rays taken, found out that my left ankle is fractured. Yikes! Is there a newly translated prayer for fractured ankles?

Well, after having spent nearly four hours in a crowded Emergency Room waiting to be seen yesterday, my little injury is put into perspective. There are lots of very sick adults and children out there.

As far as the new translation goes, I noticed that my own pastor seems very much at home with Eucharistic Prayer III, which he has been praying consistently since the beginning of Advent. I am still glued to the worship aid. The sign of peace response still trips me up, but I guess in time that will pass.

I have a question for you. For those of you with priests who tended to pray the prayers rather quickly in the past, have you noticed any change in speed? Someone told me that one of their priests, a "fast pray-er" slowed way down when he began to pray the new translation and now that he knows the cadence of the prayers and has become familiar with the Eucharistic Prayer, he has resumed his speed. How about you?

Hope this first week of the year is a good one for you.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

May your ankle heal expeditiously, Jerry! My wife fractured a foot and has been hobbling around in one of those boots for a few weeks.

As to speed with which the priest says the Mass prayers, our two priests were not particularly fast before, and clearly slowed down a notch at the beginning of Advent. One of them says the Roman Canon exclusively, and does a beautiful job of enunciation and pacing. The other proclaims the propers particularly well. It would appear he prepares in advance.

I have not detected the pace quickening for either of them.

Paul said...

Hi Jerry, hope you heal soon! The prayers have been a real problem in our parish. The Pastor is obviously not preparing himself. This past weekend, the preface made no sense at all because he kept on repeating words, starting at the beginning of the sentence to correct it. I have found because of this, people are tuning out, including myself the organist.

Michael said...

Get well soon, Jerry! My pastor is quickly learning that just realizing the prayers are going to be different isn't nearly enough. SAYING them OUT LOUD is the way! Reminds me of an NPM convention brainstorming meeting where a notable musician and composer, when asked what the theme of the convention should be, replied "Go home and practice!"