Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Showing Up

Wednesday greetings to one and all.

Last night, I joined other members of my parish's liturgy committee, as well as some volunteers from the choir, to decorate our parish hall (our worship space) for the Christmas Season.

This brought me so much joy! At first I thought that there were too many "cooks" and not enough chef's helpers, but we eventually worked together as a team. I brought a couple of bottles of wine and some pretzels, so that helped us gel all the more! Angels, hand painted by our parishioners last year, were hoisted along six section of walls between tall windows. The creche was nestled among evergreen trees and bales of hay were placed next to the creche, upon which were placed the three kings, who will slowly make their way closer to the Holy Family. This is all set up on our "stage," which is rarely used. We gather on the main floor of the auditorium for Mass.

When I was a full-time director of liturgy and music, I remember hoping that enough people would show up for the decorating of the church. Now I am one of those volunteers to whom the parish leadership looks, in the hopes that I "show up." Strange the way life turns itself around sometimes.

At any rate, I will not be at my parish for Christmas; I am headed to Florida to spend time with family members there. I will be worshipping at the parish where I had my first full-time ministry position. It's always great to return there.

Hope this final week of Advent has been a graced one for you.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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