Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prayers for Deacons and Prayers for Catechists

Wednesday of the Octave of Christmas greetings to you all.

It's WLP commercial time.

We have two new little prayer books in our Pray Today series, one for deacons and one for catechists.

Servant of the Lord: Prayers for Deacons is written by Deacon Peter Hodsdon. I met Peter at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress a few years ago and asked him to write this book for us. This is a must-have for the deacons in your parish.

Here's a sample from the book:

The Triduum – Thursday of the Lord’s Supper

Celebrating Diaconia

Do you realize what I have done for you?

John 13:12

Servant God, more than any other liturgical celebration, Holy Thursday is the feast of diaconal identity. In the midst of the eucharistic feast, we pause and reach out to others in a dramatic, symbolic way—by washing their feet.

As I prepare to assist the celebrant on this special day, let me take a moment to consider all the people I’ve served in the past year: lives I’ve touched in small ways, lives I’ve touched in major ways, both known and unknown. I thank you for this privilege. More importantly, though, I consider all your people who have served me in my ministry, who have washed my feet, and I thank you for their presence in my life. Together, as Peter so eloquently puts it, we are washed head to foot!
The second book, our newest in the series, is Sweeter than Honey: Prayers for Catechists, by noted author, Elizabeth McMahon Jeep. It is cleverly written in poetic sense lines, using punctuation and capitalization only rarely. I love this little book and (of course) think it is a great gift for parish catechists and catechetical leaders.
Here's the sample prayer for Christmastime:

Flight into Egypt

Joseph rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed for Egypt. He stayed there until the death of Herod. (Matthew 2:14–15a)

Sometimes you just have to move on, Joseph,
leave the life
you worked so hard to build
the client list
the easy chair
the Sabbath routines
that give a man shape in his community
today the dream changes
the Lord asks more:
join immigrants on their dangerous road
take only essentials
urgency overcoming inconvenience
retrace the path your namesake
followed centuries ago
seek safety for your wife and child
among a people
who have not forgotten how to dream

merciful God
you have called me to be a teacher
bearing Christ safely to a new generation
you alone command my destiny
you alone my goal, my path, my guide
be light to my journey
for I cannot see beyond the next turning
strengthen my courage and give me peace
in the name of Jesus your Son

Two wonderful little books that can really inspire our deacons and catechists. Thanks for listening.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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