Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Translation Thursday: Looking Forward to the Second Weekend

"New Translation Thursday" has arrived once again.

I don't know about you, but I am finding myself looking forward to the second weekend of implementation.

From what I have heard from others around here, the parishes that had periodic accouncements made during the Mass last weekend ("Before we begin the Eucharistic Prayer, please refer to your card for the new responses," etc.) had much more success with the new responses. In my own parish, an announcement was made at the beginning of Mass, asking that people refer to the worship aid throughout the entire Mass. However, when I looked around about half way through Mass, more than half the people didn't have the resource in their hands. And they simply used the old words. Not sure if this means anything more than they just simply forgot to pick up the worship aid.  This is probably why I am looking forward to this coming weekend; want to see if people will have more intentionality about all of this.

Did you have periodic accouncements during the Mass in your parish this past weekend?

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

We are extremely blessed to have a brand new church with a state-of-the-art audio/visual system that enabled us to project all the people's new responses in a Power Point presentation. The screens were blank when there were no new texts for the people. "And with your spirit" rang loud and clear at the first response. As I looked around, 99% of the assembly was engaged and paying attention. It was awesome!

Jeff Rexhausen said...

We have an older church, but for several years, we have used a projection system for song lyrics. For the past 12 weeks, we used it for the new sung Glory and to go through the upcoming changes. On Sunday, it really helped people to participate more fully.

Every time "And with your spirit" was the expected response, we planned to chant the preceding line; this worked quite well, except when the deacon simply spoke "The Lord be with you" at the beginning of the Gospel, to which almost everyone responded "And also with you."

The singing was strong. So were most of the people's responses; the creed was noticeably weaker on the unfamiliar phrases.

Our pastor (in his 80s) has been strongly encouraging people to follow his example of approaching this positively. Despite his smile and energy, it was clear that he was struggling with the new translation. (He privately confided that he has spent a good deal of time in preparation, and he confessed one adaptation: for the prayers that are said quietly, he has pulled the pages out of an old Latin Missal so that he doesn't have to learn them in a new translation.)

Anonymous said...

Even though we too have a state of the art AV system, we are using custom Mass cards for the prayers. I prepared a "looping" powerpoint of a dozen or so slides which played as people were coming into church, reminding them to pick up a Mass card, and pointing out things like "and with your spirit." We used Advent music in the background, and it got the point across while still putting people in an "advent" frame of mind.

Paul Boudreau said...

I cued the card at each instance of the new translation, saying, "And now from our new translation card . . ." and then carefully annunciated my side of the dialogue: "The - Lord - be - with - you." The pewsters did pretty well. I scored them at the end of mass. My three churches got an "A", an "A-minus" and a "B-plus". Not bad. I stumbled badly over the "Lord I am not worthy", which earned me a "B-minus".

Thesy said...

Yes, indeed use of high tech is great. We used low tech, pew cards, missals but most preferred the overhead projections. We put it up for both sung and said responses and it went over very well. Excellent participation. Thanks be to God.

Scott Pluff said...

I like the idea of periodic announcements, such as "we continue now on page 12 of the worship aid." We might try that this weekend.

If people are still struggling with the new dialogs after Christmas, I might consider playing a single chime on the organ just before each dialog. Not to give a pitch for singing (that will come next spring), but just as a reminder. I would do this for perhaps a month, tops.

Anonymous said...

We've using the cards since the beginning of November but not as a requirement. During that time, our pastor did a great job making comments here and there when it seemed appropriate. Last weekend, when we were to be "official", it was mixed from what I recall regarding holding the cards. Before the "Behold the Lamb of God..." our pastor said, "you might want to take your pew card out for this next one". It definitely lightened what could be a challenging moment.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday I went to morning Mass at a parish that uses your missallette, and I wanted to tell you how lovely your "editor's note" in the front was, Dr jerry - excelletn!

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