Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Translation Tuesday: Conversations

Very early on "New Translation Tuesday" morning here in Chicago. Waiting for a cab to my second home (O'Hare Airport), then to my family in Massachusetts.

Since I am part of a large mostly Catholic family, I am beginning to wonder if the conversations at Thanksgiving will focus at all on the new translation. Frankly, I hope not. I could use four new translation-free days!

But I can imagine the conversations turning in this direction. And there will be varying levels of knowledge about what is going to happen this weekend. Should be interesting.

Headed out soon. Please pray for the safety of all travelers.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

Please pray for the safety of all travelers.

Will do.


Anonymous said...

Have a restful Thanksgiving, Jerry!

Olga said...

Will pray for your intentions and I hope you have a restful and non-work time with the family ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for working to help us, the laity, with the new translations instead of detracting from them. I know that it must have cost you. We did notice. Thanks.