Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saint Francis Feast from Saint Francis Cathedral

Greetings on this "New Translation Tuesday" and the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Here in Santa Fe, there is no escaping the influence of the Francisan missionaries. Yesterday, I spent time in the Cathedral Basilica of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Saint Francis Cathedral, pictured here:

The cathedral, which has always been run by the Franciscans, was turned over to the Archdiocese in the past few years, chiefly due to the declining number of Franciscans. It has been recently restored and renovated. Being a baptismal font "geek," I was particularly struck by the font, which is placed in the center aisle of the cathedral. I didn't particularly care for the pots of yellow mums placed there; it sort of makes the font look more like a decorative element, but nonetheless, it is quite impressive. Eight-sided, and built for immersion, it makes quite a statement. Here are a few pics I took.

And here's a picture of the sanctuary:

It has been quite refreshing not being completely focused on the new translation for a few days. So, no comments today. Just a wish for a wonderful Feast of Saint Francis.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Rismi said...

I do like the baptismal font, but not the Sanctuary... Where is Jesus' tabernacle or His cross of salvation?