Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off to Pennsylvania

Wednesday greetings.

After a meeting this morning, I am headed to O'Hare and then to Pittsburgh for an evening at Saint Alexis Parish in Wexford, focusing on the new translation.

I have been wondering what it is going to be like in parishes over the next few years as we begin to settle into the new translation. Will parishioners really develop a keener interest in the prayers we pray at Mass? Will there be a call for a more well-developed mystagogical approach to preaching and teaching in parishes? My hope, of course, is that the new translation signals a new beginning, an era in which Catholics gather to ponder the meaning of the texts we pray at Mass.

Time and experience will tell.

More tomorrow on "New Translation Thursday."

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Anonymous said...

Good questions, Jerry,

And the possibility of answering is itself a question: How will we know? What evidence will there be that the new translation effected what it set out to do? What evidence that it actually "fixed" the problems in the old translation it was meant to fix?

Funny thing. Theologians and bishops tend not to use empirically verifiable terms. Rather they tend to use performatives that are true because they say the words are true.