Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Translation Thursday: The Final Presentation

Where has this "New Translation Thursday" gone?

I spent the morning with a group of people in catechetical ministry in the Diocese of Joliet here in Illinois. I was invited there to talk about about three things:
1. Get tips on how to fine-tune your parish Roman Missal implementation
2. How to deal with anxiety in the pews
3. Ask questions and hear what others are doing to implement the Roman Missal

It was a spirited morning. I asked those in attendance to share their own parish's efforts thus far with the preparation work for the implementation. Much, much work has already gone on in many places in that diocese. There was a sense of "OK, bring it on" in some peoples' minds. There were some parishes in which not very much has been done yet; others are really gearing up for the next month (implementation is one month from today).

I also spent an extended period of time being interviewed by the National Catholic Register; kind of a publisher's viewpoint with regard to the Missal and musical settings of the Mass.

Well, the end of the day has arrived and I am pretty exhausted. Today was my last scheduled presentation on the implementation of the new translation. Glad about this. Waiting to begin praying these new texts.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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jdonliturgy said...

Thanks, Jerry for your fine presentation today. Lots of very positive comments from the people who were there. I am so glad you could do this - and put it together in such a useful way for us.