Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Translation Tuesday: Immediate Preparations and a Humbling Ceremony

"New Translation Tuesday" has come around once again.

It seems to me that many parishes are in full gear now as they begin immediate and intense preparations for the implementation of the new translation. I spent Saturday with a large group of religious women in Bloomfield, CT, focusing attention on the new translation. Last night I spoke at a parish here in the Archdiocese of Chicago and will do so again tonight.

When I was home in Boston on Sunday, one of my sisters told me that the priest in her parish had started practicing the dialogues. She said that she felt like she was in kindergarten, because he had them say the response over and over again. Then she asked me, "Jer, the response is 'And also with your spirit,' right?" Apparently she didn't do very well in kindergarten either!

My brother-in-law, a recent returnee to Catholicism was complaining about the changes. He has had so much to get used to in the past few years as he has regularly attended Mass, an experience which is very new to him. He said that he thought that people would leave because the changes didn't make much sense. His wife, my sister, said this, "My understanding is that what we are praying now is a bad translation." I helped her to understand that what we are praying now is not a bad translation. I said that language like that really isn't very helpful for most Catholics. So I launched into about a ten-minute conversation about how we got to where we are right now; basically I outlined the fact that the translation rules had changed and the apparent reasons for those changes. Many family members gathered around and it seemed like they understood what I was saying.

About ten minutes later, because I am living with a bit of a cold these days, I sneezed. My aforementioned brother-in-law said, "God bless you." Then he quickly added, "Or are they changing that one too?"

This made for a very good laugh.

Last night, during a quietly moving and proud mement at J. S. Paluch and World Library Publications, Bishop Francis Kane, auxiliary bishop of Chicago, came to our warehouse to bless our editions of The Roman Missal. I was so proud of all who had put so much into these editions. Bishop Kane thanked us for our contribution to the work of the Church and to the liturgy. It was a humbling moment for all of us. Here's a photo of some of my colleagues during the blessing:

And here is a photo of Bishop Kane, with arm extended, blessing the Missals.

And pictured here with Bishop Kane is (from the left) Michael E. Novak, the Missal's managing editor, Mary Lou Paluch Rafferty, the owner of the J.S. Paluch Company, Bill Rafferty, president of the J.S. Paluch Company, and yours truly:

Those who have ordered the missals should see them arrive in the next several days, probably Saturday or Monday.

For those who have ordered through WLP, I am looking forward to hearing your third comment about it. Everyone's first comment, without exception, has been, "Wow, this is heavy." The second comment is something like "Oh, how beautiful."

"God bless you."

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Fr. Gene Vavrick said...

The new Missal arrived here in New Jersey today. It's good to actually have it in my hands. Now it's time to start studying! Presiders have a lot of work to do to help these new texts to come alive in the prayer-life of our congregations.

Thanks to WLP, we have a beautiful, and artistic resource.

fr jim said...

We received our copy of the deluxe editions for our parishes in Ringtown & Sheppton, Pa. Diocese of Allentown.
They are beautiful, a work of art!
They will be on display in our parishes this & next weekend so that we can get a deep sense of the beauty that the new translation will bring to our celebration of Holy Mass.