Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Translation Tuesday: Boston and Lafayette

Welcome to another edition of "New Translation Tuesday."

I am gearing up for another whirlwind week ahead. Tomorrow I leave for the Archdiocese of Boston to lead two sessions on Thursday, focused on the visions and principles of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

I grew up in the Archdiocese and it is always a treat to speak to the wonderful people there. And I get to see my family. It just seems like such a long time since I have been "home" to Boston. Looking forward to it.

I return to Chicago on Friday, then it's off to the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana. I will be the keynote speaker there at a conference on the new translation targeted to liturgical ministers. I am also leading a WLP choral reading session and will share some of our new Mass settings with the musicians gathered there.

Well, this past weekend marked the beginning of singing some of the new Mass parts of the Roman Missal, Third Edition in many parishes across the United States. One person here at WLP reported that she attended Mass at her parish and that particular parish decided to introduce the revised setting of a popular Mass (published by another publishing company). Unfortunately, when it came time actually to sing the revised setting during Mass, it was not very successful. Most people sang the old words and old melody and some sang the new one. Just wondering if any of you had a similar experience? Another parish I know of introduced a new setting and by all reports, things went quite well. Time will tell, I guess.

Well, that's about all I have time for today. Please pray for the safety of all travelers.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

We started the Sanctus this weekend from Janco's "Mass of Redemption." For us, it is a new setting. It was glorious. The people sang very well (without a worship aid, but with the benefit of several weeks of rehearsal before Mass).

I have personally reviewed dozens of settings from all the major publishers. From beginning to end, "Mass of Redemption" is by far my favorite because of its sing-ability, adapt-ability, and just plain good writing.

Kudos to WLP and Steve Janco for such great music to sing the new translation.

Bill Doherty said...

Here at St. Timothy in the Villages, FL we introduced the Holy Holy from the Mass of Wisdom. We rehearsed it before Mass and then we sang it during Mass. I must say, the Assembly really did a GREAT job. Everyone loves the new Mass setting; all positive comments. We're off to a good start here at St. Timothy and I am excited to introduce the other parts in the coming weeks. THANKS WLP and Steven Janco!

Brent McWilliams said...

We had pretty good luck with Misa Luna in our parish this weekend. It is a new setting for us. Started out with the Eucharistic Acclamations. Received an email from a pastor at another parish asking how to fix the problem of confusion, because they decided to stick with a familiar mass setting that was revised.

Reaffirmed my trepidations about keeping old Masses. Pavlov strikes again!

Anonymous said...

We tried the revised setting of Mass of Redemption by Steven Janco at the opening of the school year mass for the college year. The setting was printed in the worship aid. The memorial acclamation went fine as we did a cantor and then congregation response. The Holy Holy, some fumbled but all in all, it was fine. This upcoming weekend my parish begins to sing our new Mass setting, Gloria, Alleluia, Holy, Memorial, Amen, the whole burrito! I know our choir director has been working with the choir, cantors, and instrumentalists in introducing the new setting. Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I made a point to find a parish that is continuing to use the old mass settings. In my view, this is the final period that we have to enjoy the old mass settings--we will have many years in the future to enjoy the new ones beginning in January. I see now as a time to treasure the old settings.