Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Things Visible and 3.4% In Alabama

"New Translation Thursday" has arrived once again.

My colleague and friend, Jennifer Budziak, has begun a project focused on the new translation. Here is what she says about the project on her blog, "All Things Visible."

During the first year of the implementation of the new Third Edition English texts, I will be undertaking an in depth ethnographic study of a single suburban parish in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Through observation, interviews, and surveys, I will attempt to paint a clear picture of how these new texts interact with this particular community.
Though I will of course be taking more formal research notes through the process, I will use this blog as a place where I can more informally reflect on my experiences through this year. My hope for this blog is that it can become a place to share experiences and impressions–Each Sunday, once the project starts, I will post a “Sunday Open Thread” and invite comments from anyone who wishes to share their impressions.
I will also regularly post my own impressions of what I have been observing, as well as interesting links and articles I come across. Please also see the blogroll to the left, which will include links to interesting and oft-updated sites I come across in my travels.

I think this looks like a great project, one that will be interesting to follow.

Jennifer composes for us here at WLP and has written a wonderful book, Sight-sing a New Song.

I am off to Birmingham, Alabama shortly.
Tomorrow I will be speaking to 450-500 people, mostly teachers, in the Catholic school system there. Many will be non-Catholic, so my presentation on the new translation will need to take a much more basic form. Imagine trying to tell someone who has very little knowledge about Catholicism about this whole thing. I am looking forward to spending time there. The Catholic population of Alabama is 3.4%, one of the lowest percentages in the United States. In my travels there in the past, parents have told me how important formation in the Catholic faith is to them and their children. In many places, there is open hostility toward Catholics and oftentimes children need to defend their faith. There is a high sense of Catholic identity among these Catholics; stronger than I see elsewhere. Tomorrow will be a challenge for me, since my usual audiences are 99% Roman Catholic.
Please pray for the safety of travelers.
Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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