Friday, August 26, 2011

Orlando Liturgical Conference: RCIA and the Roman Missal

It's very early on Friday morning here in Orlando. My apologies for not having posted yesterday; the day just slipped away.

Here at the Orlando Liturgical Conference, being held at the airport Marriott, it's all things Roman Missal. Father Paul Turner gave an excellent keynote to start us all out together last night. Then there was a round of workshops, followed by some social time together. My own workshop was focused on the RCIA and the Roman Missal. I talked about the Church's view and history of mystagogical reflection. I tried to help these initiation ministers see that the Church's liturgy is a locus theologicus, a site or place where theology, what we believe, is expressed. Then I showed them how they could take the experience of praying a newly translated text, in this example the Gloria, and move into a reflection on that text in a mystagogical way with catechumens and candidates. I used Pope Benedict's clearly articulated mystagogical method (from his Sacramentum Caritatis) to move through the process. It seemed to go quite well.

All of this hinges on the hope that the new translation will mean much more for the Church than a set of new words. If this implementation means that we become more aware of the fact that what we pray expresses what we believe, then we will have accomplished something wonderful.

It has been a real treat being back here in Orlando. Connecting with old friends, being with people with whom I learned how to minister, how to care for people, how to see the ways that liturgy and music form us, has been a real gift the past few days.

It's two more workshops and a WLP showcase today, so I had better get moving.

I am praying for the safety of all, including my own family members in New England, as the hurricane prepares to begin to impact the East Coast,

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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