Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sunday afternoon greetings. I have been overwhelmed with Facebook messages and e-mails since the NPM convention concluded on Friday. Sincerest thanks to all of you. I wanted to post some photos I took a few hours before the plenum, which was the final keynote presentation of the week. When I walked into the hall a few hours before my presentation, it was pretty daunting, to say the least.

After I placed my text on the podium, this was the view, which made me catch my breath:

I have been overwhelmed over the past few days by the words of gratitude I have received. I want to share one e-mail I just received; name and location have been changed. And on Monday or Tuesday I will post the text from Friday's Plenum. Again, humbled and very grateful to God.

Dear Jerry,

My name is xxxxxx xxxxx and I am the Director of the Worship Office for xxxxxxx, XX. I attended the npm meeting last week in KY. It was my first one as I am not a musician per se and normally attend the FDLC meeting each year - one liturgy conference per year is usually enough for me.
In any case, when asked what I liked the best about the npm meeting I say two words: Jerry Galipeau. I have seen your blog and heard your name before but was most impressed at both the breakout session I attended of yours and the closing talk.

I have been traveling high and low in my diocese giving talks to parishioners on the new Missal and hosting workshops of all kinds for priests, deacons, lay leaders on the subject. I have prepared bulletin inserts, created a website, and on and on, to get ready for this impending change. I liked many of the things you said because they supported many of the thoughts I, and I am sure others, have had. But you also gave me many new insights and better ways of saying difficult things. I know I will apply your words to myself in forthcoming talks: I am a cheerleader for the liturgy but not necessarily the translation of the Roman Missal!.

 I am so grateful that my words were helpful to this person. Much more work to be done.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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