Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Translation Tuesday: NPM and All Things Roman Missal

Welcome to this installment of "New Translation Tuesday."

Well, yesterday was quite a day here at the NPM Convention in a very hot and humid city of Louisville, Kentucky. There are well over three thousand gathered here. After we set up our booth yesterday, I spent some time there, quietly preparing for my plenum presentation on Friday. Even though the exhibit hall was not yet open, I looked up from my work and saw someone standing near the display containing our Mass settings. This musician looked at me, pointed to the settings and asked, "Do these Masses contain the new words from the Missal?" I found this simple question to be quite telling. I told her that they were all newly composed or revised to reflect the new translation of the Missal. I really wanted to ask her if she thought it would be wise for us to be selling settings that could only be used for a few more weeks or a few more months.

It struck me once again that the world in which I live every day is not the world that parish musicians necessearily live in each day. The new translation of The Roman Missal has been a consuming event for me for quite some time. But for many, especially at this convention, seeing the settings, picking up the display copies of the actual missal, thumbing through assembly cards, is a first-time experience.

Today is jam-packed with activities here. One of the highlights of the day will undoubtedly be the University of Notre Dame Folk Choir's concert at Saint Boniface Church this evening. Here are some photos of the church.

This year marks the choir's thirtieth anniversary, capably led through the decades by Steve Warner. Many current members of the choir along with several alums will be singing for tonight's concert. WLP is recording the concert and a special commemorative thirtieth anniversary recording will be released very soon.

I have a workshop to present today and my topic is . . .
You guessed it, helpful tools to introduce the new translation.

I also am leading a music industry lab session and the topic is . . .
You guessed it again.

It has been a wonderful gathering thus far. I will keep you posted as the days here move along.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing the Folk Choir's recording! I watch their Mass weekly, when school is in session, just to hear their beautiful music.

Charles Culbreth said...

Yes, Jerry, keep cool and hydrated!
It's kind of amazing the whole Midwest is simmering and here in the San Joaquin Valley of CA, where it's supposed to be 108* in late July, we're breezin'.
Steve Warner's new Mass setting is quite compelling, and very much on my short list for September, along with SIMPLEX and ST. ANN (who'da thunk that from a CMAA'er like me?)
Congratulations to you (and your WLP conferes) for keeping your eye on the ball, and an open mind as this whole process continues to play out!
Have some fun, Louisville's made for that!

Steve Raml said...

Bummed I was not able to make NPM this year (family obligation comes first) - so I appreciate any observations from the convention you share. Thanks for keeping us posted through your posts Jerry!