Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Translation Thursday: Musicians at Notre Dame

Here we are at yet another "New Translation Thursday."

Greetings from South Bend and the University of Notre Dame. Yesterday, at my session for the SummerSong program, we talked about working with clergy as we look at the chants of The Roman Missal. We walked through the simple and solemn tones, taking a look at how to apply the tones to the presidential prayers. The students were asking all the right pastoral and musical questions; it was a delight!

There does exist a certain amount of anxiety among some of these musicians. One musician told me how much she was looking forward to my presentation later today on how to deal with questions from the people in the pews. So, in a few hours, we will be focusing on these issues within the context of a total pastoral plan for the implementation.

For some, especially those who have carefully laid out a plan for implementation, the US Bishops' recent sudden decision to allow the singing of many of the peoples' parts of the Mass to begin in September (depending, of course on the decision of each individual bishop), has thrown a curve into the process. I am looking forward to hearing their plans at our session.

I return to Chicago later this afternoon, then back at the "home office" tomorrow.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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