Monday, June 13, 2011

"I Love the Mass of Saint Ann!"

Monday greetings to all. I hope your celebration of Pentecost renewed your faith.

After Mass yesterday, I was sitting in our parish hall's basement having coffee and cake with some parishioners. One of the choir members came up to and said, "Jerry, I just want to tell you how much I love the Mass of Saint Ann!"

I found out a few weeks ago that our parish music director had chosen WLP's Mass of Saint Ann by Ed Bolduc as the first musical Mass setting to be used when the Advent implementation rolls around. Dan, our music director, soon joined us at the table and started to tell us about the process which led him to the choice. He said that he had spent quite a bit of time carefully listening to and reviewing the many musical settings that have been published in the past several months. After this careful pondering, he chose Mass of Saint Ann.

Mass of Saint Ann does make sense for our community. Scored for SAT choir, it is perfect for our parish choir; the men usually do not divide into parts, so the voicing should work just fine. And our parish has a history of choosing music that is lively and spirited; and this is what marks most of the music of this particular Mass setting. I believe in my heart that this choice will help facilitate a much smoother transition into the new translation for my parish. I know that all parishes are not alike. For some, a chant setting makes sense as an initial setting; this just wouldn't be pastorally helpful in my own parish, given its musical and liturgical history. I do look forward, some day, to the parish being taught a chant setting, but it just makes sense to wait until the new texts take a firmer root. And I have to say that I am so proud and happy that, as a pew Catholic, it will be this wonderful WLP/Ed Bolduc setting that will see me through the transition.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

A small group of musicians tonight, (cantors, instrumentalists, choir members) are meeting tonight with our music director to review and run through some of the new Mass settings to determine what will be most appropriate for out parish. I think it's a great idea.

Diezba said...

Jerry -- I liked this setting as a sort of "contemporary" setting. Normally, I don't go for those sorts of settings, but I thought that the composer did a good job of matching the Mass-parts of the Ordinary with a proper tone, rhythm, and pacing: the Kyrie, the Mystery of Faith, and the Agnus Dei were suitably subdued, reflecting their either penitential (Kyrie) or devotional (Mystery and Agnus) character; the Gloria, the Sanctus, and the Amen were suitably joyful and triumphant.

All in all, I think these are much more well-suited to their parts of the liturgical structure of the Mass than the typical contemporary setting. Many of those, I have found, seem to try to enforce joyful/happy/sweet/nice at all times -- which isn't always called for.

I can sense this Mass of Saint Ann being effective in both Eastertide and during Advent.

My compliments to you and the composer.

Steve Raml said...

Great setting! First heard the Gloria from the Mass of St Ann at Notre Dame last summer (thanks for the sneak peak, Jerry!) and the melodic hook of the first "Glory" and the rhythmic hook of "people of good will" have stayed with me so strongly, it's been the setting by which I've judged all others since. Our panel of seven people from four different music ministries singing through several settings also rated this Gloria very high. We may begin the implmentation with a simpler setting to help people catch on to the revised text, but I believe this Gloria will find its way into our parish repertoire within the first year!

Linda Reid said...

I have ordered the books and we are ready to begin learning the St. Ann Mass! I too, heard it at Notre Dame last summer and it was the most memorable!!!
The voicing is well suited for my ensemble as well.

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with this Gloria at the SWLC in Salt Lake City, and it has been the one to which I have compared all others. Our parish will begin using this Gloria at Christmas. I am gratified to read your comments on choosing a more contemporary setting such as the Mass of St. Anne verses a chant setting. The music directors from our diocese meet regularly, and there has been a great push for ALL parishes to implement the Missal's chant setting. I, like you, just don't feel this would work in our parish given it's history. However, I have been looked at as a rebel in speaking out against using chant.

Paul said...

Hi Jerry: When is "Mass for our Lady" going to be available? That's the missing link in our evaluations/decisions)

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Hello Paul,
Because it was one of the last Mass settings submitted, it is now nearing completion and should be available very soon. Shoot me an e-mail about this:
It is a great setting and will appear in all WLP's worship resources beginning in Advent.