Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Translation Tuesday: A Liturgical Zombie?

Happy Easter Tuesday to all and welcome to "New Translation Tuesday."

Well, it was quite a Triduum this year. I found myself at times paying closer attention to the prayers, knowing that this would be the final time they were prayed in the current translation. But I also need to admit that there were other times when I wan't paying attention to the fact that the translation was about to change. Why? Because the power of the liturgies overwhelmed me at many moments during the liturgy. The "liturgy critic" in me was simply swept aside by the power of the ritual. I am seriously wondering if the same thing will occur next year. With all of the changes in texts that I have prayed my entire life, will the power inherent in the ritual be able to break through my focus on the changes? I honestly wonder if the rest of my Catholic life will be spent in a "critical" mode. I hope not. I just don't want to turn into a "liturgical zombie," casting aside the love I have had for liturgy because of my dissatisfaction with the new translation.

This is all so unpredictable. Each of us will have our own ways of maneuvering through the changes about to come.

Greetings from New Orleans, by the way. I am here at the NCEA (Natiional Catholic Education Association) annual convention. I am giving a talk tomorrow.

On Thursday evening, I leave for Germany, where I will be helping out with the liturgies and music for a retreat of Catholic military chaplains. We will be at Ettal, at the Benedictine monastery there. I am planning to continue the blog while I am away, sharing photos of the abbey and the surrounding Bavarian countryside. Please indulge me next week as this blog morphs into a travel blog.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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