Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Translation Tuesday: The Impact On This Publisher

Welcome to this Holy Week installment of "New Translation Tuesday."

People have asked me what impact the new translation has had on publishers of music and worship resources. I thought I'd share some of what this new translation has meant for us here at World Library Publications.

When I look back on the past two years, I am stunned by the amount of hard work accomplished by our composers, editors, artists and designers, music engravers, marketing team members, customer care professionals, rights and permissions manager, as well as the managers who guide all these fine people.

We have revised these Mass settings:

People's Mass
Mass for Christian Unity
Mass of Redemption
Sing Praise and Thanksgiving Mass
Misa Luna
Mass of Joy
Mass in Honor of Pope Paul VI (some elements)
Danish Amen Mass (Eucharistic acclamations)
Gloria for Christmastime (Howard Hughes)

These new Mass settings have been composed:

Mass of Wisdom
Mass of Grace
Mass of Awakening
Missa Simplex
Mass of Saint Ann
Mass of Charity and Love
Mass for Our Lady

Full recordings of most of these Masses have either already been released or are in production.

Most of the Masses have choral editions; every Mass has a full score; some Masses have separate guitar editions; some Masses have separately published instrumental parts.

We have created assembly cards for most Masses.

We have created what we call "pew files," which are the melody line-only versions of the components of the Masses that will appear in our worship resources (as well as future hymnals).

We have created electronic versions of nearly every component of every Mass.

For those Masses that will be going into our worship resources, we have had accompaniment versions engraved for our keyboard and cantor/guitar accompaniment books.

We are in the process of revising the entire "service music sections" of all of our accompaniment books, both keyboard and vocal editions.

Our "source files" for the construction of our worship resources have been completely revised, which means all Entrance Antiphons, Collects, Prayers over the Offerings, Communion Antipons, and Prayers after Communion for every Sunday and solemnity, as well as for every single weekday, memorial, optional memorial, and feast.

All files for resources that contain the Order of Mass have been revised.

We have published "Order of Mass" booklets.

We published, then re-published Archbishop J. Peter Sartain's recording of the four Eucharistic Prayers.

We have finally completed the final corrections for Father Paul Turner's Pastoral Companion to the Roman Missal, which is going to print today.

We will soon release Kathy Felong's Leading Through Change: Your Parish and the Roman Missal.

Our support reosurces, AIM Magazine, Pastoral Patterns, and Palabras Pastorales will be revised to reflect the new translation.

We are publishing two editions of The Roman Missal, a deluxe and a value edition.

Every time we prepare manuscripts for any resource that contains texts from the new translation, these texts must be submitted to the Bishops Committee on Divine Worship and to ICEL for approval. Careful attention has been paid to hundreds and hundred of copyright notices for every resource.

Permissions have been secured for every resource.

When the final changes were made to the Order of Mass (that had already received its recognitio) we had to revise absolutely everything that had been composed or written up to that point, which meant composers had to re-write some of their work, editors had to work with the revised work, engravers had to re-engrave the revised work, designers had to re-set pages.

We have prepared marketing materials (flyers, brochures, print advertising, e-mail blasts), our "WLP Presents Mass Settings" - the so-called "Green Book" - that contains our Mass settings.

Some of us have been interviewed for magazines and radio shows regarding the new translation.

Many of us have written articles for various publications regarding the new translation.

Our catalogs needed to include all of the material we are publishing that is related to the new translation.

We created a web site dedicated solely to WLP's musical settings: singthenewmass.com.

We re-designed the home page for our own web site in the middle of all of this work, helping people find, listen to, and sing our Mass settings at their own comupters.

All of the digital music files of the various Mass settings needed to be created and uploaded to our web site.

Many on our staff have traversed the country for the past year and a half, sharing our new and revised musical settings with literally thousands of musicians.

I have personally visited nearly forty dioceses, doing presentations on the new translation for musicians, liturgists, clergy, bishops, catechists, and pew Catholics. I have also continued "New Translation Tuesday" and "New Translation Thursday" for over a year on Gotta Sing Gotta Pray.

All of this was done while we were regularly publishing Seasonal Missalette, We Celebrate, Celebremos/Let Us Celebrate, Word and Song, Liturgy of the Word, AIM, Pastoral Patterns, 90+ choral octavos per year, music collections, CDs, and more.

Whew, I am sure I am forgetting something! (And I know the team here will let me know what I missed as the day wears on!)

A few years ago, I told the staff here at WLP that the new translation of The Roman Missal would be the single most significant event in most of our publishing careers. After writing this blog entry, I believe my words are ringing truer than ever.

I don't want to sound too sentimental or emotional here, but I want you to know that the reason why we do all of this is because, at the core of our very being, we at WLP are dedicated to serving the needs of the singing, praying, and initiating Church; we are here to serve YOU.

My heart is filled with pride and admiration today for all those who have made all of these resources possible for the Church.

Thanks for listening to all of this today.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Siobhan said...

Reading this, I am EXHAUSTED. Or perhaps that's just Holy Week operating. :) Thanks for all the careful, ambitious, pastoral, generous work you do for us. Now where are you going with all those frequent flier miles?

Robert Noble said...

As a new composer to the WLP catalogue, I want to thank you for continuing to publish individual works (such as mine) for the liturgy amidst all the work on RM3 and resources. Know that your work is truly appreciated and respected. It is work to help the People of God draw closer to the One who seems to be pushed further and further away by society. May God continue to bless you and the entrie WLP staff.

John Black said...

Your efforts and dedication to our collective existence shows. I am grateful for WLP's philosophy and efforts. I have come to rely on you all for resources and...from time-to-time...guidance. Thank you all.