Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Triduum Hope for You

Spy Wednesday greetings to all.

Last night at my parish, Saint James, I led a rehearsal for the Easter Vigil readers. This practice was always one of my favorite parts of Triduum preparations when I was a director of liturgy and music. Talking with the readers about the unfolding of salvation history made present in the proclamation of God's living word has always inspired me to be a more attentive listener at Sunday Mass.

Over the past several days, Facebook postings from parish and diocesan liturgists and musicians reveal the kind of frenzy that this holy time can be for those entrusted with liturgical ministry. There are so many details, so much rehearsing, so much decorating, so much work to be done. What I found helpful during these frenzied times in the parish was fine tuning my own attention during the proclamation of the word. Friends, I would urge you to realize that during the proclamation of the Lectionary readings during the Triduum, there really is nothing for you to do; try your best to open your minds and hearts to the work God wants to accomplish on you as that living word is proclaimed. Even in the midst of all the frenzy, expect a miracle of transformation in your heart.

This will be my prayer this week for all of you who work so hard to bring people closer to the Lord; that when the word is proclaimed, that word will touch your hearts deeply and will become a moment of deep transformation and redemption.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


John Black said...

Amen, Brother.

Pam said...

At our former parish, those involved in the Easter week planning sometimes referred to it as "hell week." The whole thing can certainly try the patience of even the best of us!