Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Davenport Treasure and the We Celebrate Program

Wednesday greetings to all.

Feeling a bit better today; back at the desk for another exciting day in Catholic publishing.

I wanted to alert you to a great web site for all kinds of helpful links regarding the upcoming translation The Roman Missal, Third Edition. This is the web site of the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa. Deacon Frank Agnoli, director of the diocesan office of worship, has put together a comprehensive site, with much helpful information. If you know people who are just beginning to learn about the new translation, this site will prove quite helpful. Kudos to Deacon Agnoli for this helpful site.

With all of the work being accomplished here at WLP with respect to The Roman Missal, you might wonder what other projects we are currently working on. Those who subscribe to our We Celebrate hymnal and worship resource program are in for a real treat as November 27 nears. Normally a three-year hymnal/missal program, we had to extend the program to four years, so that we could time the new hymnal with the advent of the implementaion of the new Roman Missal. We are hard at work creating the hymnal now and are working on a brand new design. Since this is a semi-permanent hymnal, we are re-designing our accompaniments in a semi-permanent style as well, providing our users with larger, more easily readable accompaniment editions. This is a significant re-design and new approach for this program, and we are very excited about it.

For those parishes considering a semi-permanent worship resource at this time, I am urging them to take a look at We Celebrate. Until we know for sure which particular musical settings of the Mass are really going to prove their staying power, a semi-permanent program really makes sense. This is one of the reasons we at WLP chose not to publish a new version of the hard-bound People's Mass Book hymnal. We want to wait for a few years to see what Mass settings become part of the fabric of Catholic worship rather than going to all the expense now of publishing a hard-bound hymnal loaded with Mass settings that have yet to be tested in parishes. I simply don't believe that now is the time to purchase a hard-bound hymnal. Parishes with hard-bound hymnals can use a wide variety of resources (Mass cards, Order of Mass booklets, etc.) to get them through the next few years until they know which Mass settings will prove their staying power in parishes.

We will be watching the popularity of Mass settings very closely over the next few years, so that we can make decisions based on real facts. You may or may not know that we are doing something quite pastoral for our own subscribers of WLP worship resources. If a parish finds that a new or revised WLP Mass setting that they would like to use does not appear in their WLP worship resource, we will provide Mass cards with that particular musical setting free of charge, for as many missals to which that the parish currently subscribes. There is simply no way that we could publish every single Mass setting in every single worship resource. We feel that this approach will help our subscribers in the best way possible.

Well, I know that this entire entry sound like a big commercial, and certainly there is a grain of truth there. After having traveled to scores of dioceses and parishes around the country for the last couple of years and listening to peoples' concerns and hopes, I just want musicians and pastors to make sound decisions about the investment in worship resources as we prepare to receive the new translation of The Roman Missal, Third Edition.

Thanks for listening today.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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