Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catholic Regensburg

Saturday (unusual) greetings from Regensburg, Germany. Spring is brilliant here in Bavaria. ("Springtime with Jerry in Germany...") My apologies for those of you viewing this blog on a Mac, apparently the images are sideways on that platform, but fine on a PC. I'll try to figure this out. Mac users, is it true you are viewing these photos sideways?

Spent time in the Cathedral of Saint Peter yesterday. Here is a photo I took of the exterior; this is a massive church:

Since we are within the Octave of Easter, this is a wonderful time to visit churches here. Some more photos here will show the Easter environment, as well as the vessel in which the elect were baptized. Let me tell you, I hope the water in that iron trough was warm!

Here's a close-up of the carving on the paschal candle:

There is lots going on at this cathedral. A new pipe organ will be dedicated here in June. You organ enthusiasts, feast your eyes on these photos. The entire pipe structure fits beautifully into this massive stone edifice.

I saw the Danube for the first time yesterday and today took a short cruise, with the Spring showers, along the river. Early this morning, visited the Benedictine Abbey here in Regensburg, St. Emmeram.


Some photos. Obviously, this church is preparing for John Paul II's beatification this weekend.

Baroque, methinks?

This basilica obviously commissions artisans to create and craft the annual paschal candle. These candles are stunning; some have carved waxed replicas of images and statues from the basilica fastened to them. Rather than cast these pieces of art aside after the year is over, look at what this basilica does. Imagine those for whom a particular Easter Vigil was significant, finding this treasure in the church:

As I said, they are anticipating the beatification of John Paul II this weekend:

Well, folks, enough of this Regensburg post for now. I know that I am deeply blessed by God to see these holy places. And for that I am grateful. Tomorrow, after the 10:00 A.M. Mass at St. Peter's here, it's off to Ettal, and to the Benedictine Monastery there to lead music for the Catholic military chaplains gathered there in retreat this week.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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