Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Survey: Take it Now!

The Army Chaplains retreat continues here in San Diego.

The ministry of these fine priests is often overlooked. I have been impressed with their dedication to serve the soldiers both here and abroad.

We have been celebrating Morning Prayer and Mass each morning at 7:30, then Daytime Prayer at noon each day.

I read with interest the story that the Church in England will begin to implement the new translation of the Mass a few months before the Missal is ready for publication. It reminds me of those who have posted here and elsewhere about decisions to begin implementing the new musical settings of the Mass now. One person contacted me yesterday to tell me that their parish had decided to begin using the Kyrie and Lamb of God from the setting that will eventually take hold in the parish. His hope, he told me, was that the people would begin to get some of the melodic and harmonic structures in their bones before they would be asked to sing the new texts in Advent (Sanctus and Mystery of Faith). Sounds like a good idea to me. For instance, I know of one parish who is introducing the Lamb of God from Steven Janco's revised Mass of Redemption. They will begin teaching the other movements of this Mass some time in the Fall.

Have you taken the new WLP survey about the Roman Missal. We would sincerely appreciate your comments.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Linda Reid said...

This is a great idea and exactly what I am doing. I began using the Lamb of God from "Sing Praise and Thanksgiving" and the alleluia from another mass(not WLP)
It is my hope that this will help facilitate the learning. I am glad to see that others find this good path to follow.

John Farley said...

Similarly, we're waiting for the SWLC results and will then choose one Mass setting to learn in the next 10 months along with the ICEL chants. We expect the Diocese to choose a setting as well, so we'll have parts of 3 we'll be using before November. To accommodate the Christmas crowd, we may use the Mass of Creation one last time. Still undecided on this.

Kevin Keil said...

We have actually started using my revised "Joyful Gloria" this past weekend. With all the variations of texts currently used in our present repertoire, no one noticed that it was a new translation; just another variation of the Gloria. Interesting! After Easter we will start to learn a new setting of the Euch. Acclamations. That goal is to have all the new sung texts well learned before the spoken changes take effect. That way as the assembly deals with many changes, at least the music will be familiar.

Gregg said...

Kevin, this is excellent information. I hope many other parishes follow this model. It will work as you have pointed out.

Don Smith said...

Kevin - Where can I find a recording of your "Joyful Gloria" to help my group rehearse it for Mass? We are using the pre-2011 arrangement. Thx. Don