Monday, December 20, 2010

Grounded in California and Order of Mass Booklets

Happy Monday of the Fourth Week of Advent to all.

Well, here I sit in Indian Wells, California. My flight yesterday was cancelled; basically not many flights are able to land here between the mountains. It's a treacherous approach usually, but with this very unusual rain and fog, basically none of the smaller jets are able to get in or out. So, I will be driven to the Ontario, California airport later this morning, then connecting through Denver, then to Chicago. But there is a winter storm advisory for Chicago for tonight. All of a sudden the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" is beginning to look like a fading hope. Please pray for the safety of all air travelers.

Over the weekend, World Library Publications sent out an e-mail blast to our loyal customers, describing our new "Order of Mass" booklets. Basically these booklets contain the newly revised Order of Mass, with the texts of the celebrant and people included. The changes in the peoples' texts are in bold-face type, alerting the person praying them to the fact that something is revised. There are two musical settings embedded in the booklets: the official chants from The Roman Missal as well as Steven Janco's fine Mass of Redemption. As a Catholic company dedicated to serving the needs of the singing, praying, and initiating Church, our hope is that this resource will really help in the reception and implementation of the new translation. People who have hard bound hymnals can use this resource as a supplement to that hymnal. It is also a great catechetical tool for small groups in the parish who will want to see and practice the newly translated texts. Parishes that project their music on large screens will find these books helpful as well. Check out these at our web site: I am not able to share images of these books with you today. Working remotely means that certain functionalities are disabled.

Well, folks, hopefully I will be posting "New Translation Tuesday" from home tomorrow.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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