Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Translation Tuesday: Teamwork

Welcome to this Thanksgiving week edition of "New Translation Tuesday."

I am already in the Thanksgiving Holiday mode. I leave in a few hours for Boston in order to spend the holiday with my family, something I haven't done in a number of years. Let's all pray for safe travels for all.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday; the day kind of ran away from me.

I have been thinking about what to post here for a number of days. On Saturday morning, this past weekend, I shared WLP's musical settings of the Mass with several hundred musicians in the Archdiocese of Denver. I had them do some small group work beforehand, asking them what they saw as the greatest area of concern as we approach the implementation of the new translation. Several said that it was important that their pastors be "on board" with all of this so that their attempts to teach new musical settings would be fully supported by their pastors. One of the points I try to make with all of this is that in parishes, we are going to have to work together as pastoral teams with the implementation. Pastors will need to lead, catechists will need to share their expertise at formation, and musicians and liturgists will need to share the very best material, both musical and liturgical.

I don't have very much else to say about the translation and all these recent developments. I am a little weary of it all right now. I think I need a long weekend away from thinking about all of this. How about you?

I hope your Thanksgiving brings you joy and our world one step closer to God's promised reign of peace.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Maureen Grisanti Larison said...

Jerry, I think that many of us are more than a little weary at this point. Here's hoping that the long holiday weekend will give us all a chance to relax and enjoy our families and friends. Thank you for providing wisdom, insight and honesty in the midst of the current chaos. Blessings and safe travels!

Paul said...

Your last picture of the post sums up the new translation for me. The people in charge of this translation are real turkeys!