Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"From the Font Through All Our Days"

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Gotta Sing Gotta Pray.

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to a group of liturgical ministers in Orland Park, a suburb south of Chicago. Saint Francis of Assisi is a relatively new parish here in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Here's a photo:

We talked about cultivating a baptismal spirituality as a foundation for ministry. The evening included a ritual of baptismal remembrance.

When I do these rituals, I always use a wonderful text by Herman Stuempfle, God, Who at the Font Once Named Us. The text appears below. Why not spend time today reflecting on these words? As I told the folks last night, also spend time remembering those who loved you so much that they brought you to a baptism font and opened a whole new way of life for you.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

1. God, who at the font once named us
Sons and daughters, born of grace,
Bathed us in baptismal waters,
Bound our lives in love’s embrace:
Make us one in Christ’s vast fam’ly
Drawn from ev’ry land and race.

2. God, who in the water washed us,
Cleansing us from sin’s deep stain,
Raised us up, a new creation,
Freed, forgiven, whole again:
Fill us with your gracious Spirit;
Let Christ’s life within us reign!

3. God, with Christ’s own cross you marked us,
Made us yours eternally.
By that sign you chose and claimed us
For Christ’s work of ministry.
When he calls us, where he leads us,
Help us follow faithfully.

4. God, whose flaming, whirlwind Spirit
Touched your people while they prayed,
Kindle faith and love among us;
Make our witness unafraid,
Serving all with Christ’s compassion,
Seeking justice, long delayed.

5. Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Hear the grateful hymns we raise!
You have blessed, upheld and led us
From the font through all our days.
Yours the honor, yours the glory,
Triune God, to you be praise!

Text: Herman Stuempfle © 1999, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.
Used with permission.


Timothy said...

What a great text. Is that set to music?

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Yes, Timothy, it is set to SAINT THOMAS in WLP's worship resources.

Anonymous said...

And also to a beautiful tune composed for it by Richard Proulx. A concertato is available--WLP 008682; it's recorded on the CD "Love Is His Word," WLP 004035.
Cruise over to
and have a listen!

Charles Culbreth said...

Jerry, I wonder if (the late?) Mr. Stuemphle considered a restatement of the first phrase so it could be rendered via "NETTLETON," so often associated with "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing?"
That would be tres cool.

Chironomo said...

I Assume that is the "Pange Lingua" tune and not the hymn tune ST THOMAS by Aaron Williams? I was having a moment of doubt about my memory trying to get the words to fit!


If you repeated the initial phrase, it would become an and could thus be set to - Ode To Joy, In Babilone, Hyfrydol as well as Nettleton. I would recommend against setting anything to Ode To Joy unless you're Beethoven.