Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Translation Thursday: Later

Greetings from Dallas, Texas, where it is currently 87 degrees.

I am here to give two presentations at the University of Dallas Ministry Conference, where they are expecting nearly 5,000 people. Should be great fun.

For the latest "conversation" about the new translation, please take the time to read the comments on this past Monday's post. You will of course join me in wondering just who this "anonymous" is. Thanks to you, "anonymous," and all, for your comments.

Many people have asked how the publishers are weathering the current delay in the reception of the final text of the new English translation of The Roman Missal. Well, to be honest, every day brings us closer to that day when we will not be able to have our worship resources ready if the implementation date for the reception of the Missal remains as November 27, 2011. We are not there yet (although by now we would already have completed all of our work on the 2012 resources); contingency plans are in place. All of this because of our mission to serve the needs of the singing, praying, and initiating Church.

As the associate publisher here at World Library Publications, the music and liturgy division of J. S. Paluch, I have the privilege of leading a group of people who are dedicated to service. Some days we feel a sense of panic about how well we will be able to serve, given this long wait. Other days, we are confident that we will receive texts in time to be able to provide for those who look to us for their resources. The days of frustration and worry, understandably, are beginning to outweigh those other more confident days. But, we trudge ahead. Last night, at a talk I gave on the cultivation of an adult baptismal spirituality, I was reminded again about the foundation of my own life as a Catholic: the day that changed everything; the day that determined that nothing about my life would ever be the same again: the day of my baptism into Christ. At times like that, things fall into perspective and I remind myself that we will get through this.

I am a man who strives on clarity; clarity in communication and clarity of process. I guess this gets to the root of my days of frustration; the lack of clarity that has most recently emerged. As we wait in these days of rumor and whispers, there seems to be a leadership vacuum. Why isn't someone telling us exactly what is going on with the text? Where is the Church leadership in the English-speaking world on these issues?

Well, enough of my ranting. I have a reception to prepare for in a few minutes. Please take the time to say a prayer for the good Catholics who will be attending this ministry conference over the next few days here in Dallas.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Joan Grabowski said...

I will be attending the conference as well. I speak peace to you. All will be well. God is in control.