Friday, October 29, 2010

"2010" Text: My Gut Sense About the Bishops

I hope your Friday is going well.

I flew to Houston this morning. I am presenting a workshop tomorrow for RCIA ministers here in the Archdiocese; the day is focused on the period of purification and enlightenment (Lent) in the RCIA. It just so happens that there is an organ recital on the new Pasi pipe organ this evening in the co-cathedral of the Sacred Heart here in Houston. I will be the guest of several members of the Archdiocesan staff; should be quite an evening.

Here's an exterior view of the cathedral:

And a view of the organ loft:

Phillippe Lefebvre, titular organist at Notre Dame in Paris, will be playing the concert. I am really looking forward to a delightful evening.

I did want to make a comment about the 2008/2010 missal texts. Many of us have asked where the English-speaking bishops are with respect to what is going on. I want to say that, in my gut, I just know that there must be bishops who are speaking out—maybe not publicly—about this issue. We just don't know how all of this stuff works with respect to communications with the Vatican. It is my hope that there are bishops who have joined their voices together to express displeasure at what has happened with the text. It seems impossible that these men, many of whom dedicated so much time and energy to approve the final translation, could be sitting idly by while this very problematic translation (2010) begins to become available for inspection. Let's give these leaders the benefit of the doubt for now, yes?

Comments welcome.

Please say a prayer for safe travels tomorrow evening, back to Chicago.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Kevin Vogt said...

I'm a little off point, but an even more beautiful photo of the Pasi organ at Houston's Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart can be found here:

God grant you strength, Dr. Galipeau, for all of the traveling you are doing for the good of the Church.