Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Technology and Catholic Publishing

Wednesday has dawned cloudy here in Chicago.

While I was away on vacation, something terrific happened here at World Library Publications. Our new home page for the WLP web site was launched. After months of work and consultation, I believe that our new home page is much more user friendly.

I have been here at WLP for nearly eleven years. When I began here, Facebook and Twitter didn't exist. Sales through web sites were minimal at best. There were no electronic versions of octavos, lead sheets, nor instrumental parts available for download and purchase. I did not have a cell phone. Who had ever heard of the term "blog?" My main news sources were television, radio, and the newspaper. E-mail was pretty basic. Would anyone have known what I meant when I said, "Oh, just Google it."

As a publishing house, we have tried our best to keep up with all of these technological advancements. And, as you know, technology moves and grows more quickly with the passing of each day. Our WLP web site is one of our main "faces" for the world. We now have a video section on the new page, which, at the moment, highlights the music and ministry of John Angotti. Please be sure to check it out.

I wanted to share another few photos from my trip to Sicily. This is the baptism font in the Doumo in Palermo. Note that the weight of the font rests on the figures of Adam and Eve. I had never seen a font design like this one and found it pretty stunning.

These photos, as well as more close-ups of the sculpture, will help me when I do presentations about baptism.

Hope your mid-week is going well.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Anonymous said...

They must not worry about ADA accessibility in Sicily? Just kidding! Very impressive font!