Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Many good things!

Greetings from today’s guest blogger, Ron Rendek. This week at the World Library office in Franklin Park, the editors are working on the last (fingers crossed) musical rewrites from composers on the newly revised Mass text. Plans are in the works to record these final revisions including Peter Kolar’s popular “Misa Luna.” 
John Angotti popped in the office yesterday for a brief meeting and conference call but took some time to tell us (maybe I’m the last to know!) that he will be performing at Carnegie Hall early next year. I asked him how do you get to Carnegie Hall. He said “Google®” it. He has assembled a choir that consists of some 400 singers, oodles of musicians, and, of course, his regular band with the outstanding players Kelly Jones - guitar, JT Brown - bass, and Dion Clay - drums. We currently have several of John’s compositions from his last two recordings in various stages of proofing and these will be available in print or as downloadable lead sheet/octavo formats within the next few weeks. Many good things.
We’ve been working on new octavo settings by Fr. Jim Marchionda, OP, from his recent CD “Family, Friends, and God,” a disc that incorporates his dynamic preaching on topics of peace, poverty, justice, hope, love, forgiveness with original compositions and arrangements focusing attention to his significant words. Fr. Jim’s parish mission work, concerts, and workshop itinerary keeps him on the road most of the year as he travels throughout the U.S. and abroad. Some of his events are even booked several years in advance. Book your Holy Week mission now!
WLP choral director Paul French and Fr. Chrysogonus Waddell 
Father Chrysogonus Waddell and his music contributions live on in our hearts and on the printed page. As we approach the second anniversary of his death this November, his many writings and compositions continue on as we edit his detailed music manuscripts and publish his choral works. This November, we will release (with recording) an octavo of his “Psalms for the Easter Season.” Many good things. 
Our friends in LA, the Jacob and Matthew Band, have just received word that they have been commissioned to write and perform the theme song at next year’s LA Religious Education Congress held in Anaheim. Jacob, Matthew, and Michael Paul are busy putting together ideas for this new composition and are scheduled to meet soon with coordinator/music director John Flaherty to discuss the theme of the convention and toss around concepts for the event’s main song. There is also a plan in the works for a 6-song disc to be released early next year with the new LA theme song and an additional 5 newly written songs. This release will be in plenty of time for the debut in LA. Many good things. 
Pianist, arranger, composer, series editor Thomas W. Jefferson is beginning work on his gospel piano method book with an included DVD/CD component. This much-anticipated instruction book (by me and any church pianist I know) builds off the work Thomas did for his doctorate from Northwestern University two years ago and also embodies the work found in the 20+-page sampler that was available at this summer’s NPM Detroit convention. Be sure to listen to excerpts on the WLP Web site ( for Thomas’ new CD “Impromptu” that showcases his interpretations of jazz, gospel, blues, and classical styles of spirituals, hymn tunes, Baroque classics, all with Thomas’ remarkable technique, arranging, and performing skills. Many good things.

Gotta Sing. Gotta Pray.

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